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Faculty Fields of Study
English DE FERRANTI, Hugh English, Musicology
TAMURA, Masatoshi English, English Literature
TANIOKA, Takehiko English, Modern British Drama
ISHIHARA, Yuki English, English Linguistics
KITAGAWA, Yoriko English, English Literature
KIYAMA, Lorinda English, Comparative Literature
HARADA, Daisuke English, English Literature
SATSUMA, Tatsuro English, English Literature
KIUCHI, Kumiko English, Modernism
ANNO, Mariko English, Ethnomusicology
KOIZUMI, Yuto English, Early Modern English Literature
YAMANE, Ryoichi American Literature and Cultural History
AKABA, Sanae English, Education Policy in the United States
HIROMOTO, Yuka English, English Literature
Second Foreign Languages German YAMAZAKI, Taro German, German Literature
ANTOKU, Makiko German, German Literature
French MITSUBORI, Koichiro French, Modern French Literature
Chinese YANG, Guanqiong Modern Chinese Literature, Culture Studies
Spanish WATANABE, Akira Spanish, Latin American Studies
TRONU MONTANE, Carla Spanish,Early Modern History of Religion
Russian KAWAMURA, Aya Modern Art History, Russian Culture

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The Foreign Languages Section of the Institute for Liberal Arts, Tokyo Institute of Technology
東京工業大学 リベラルアーツ研究教育院 外国語セクション